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In this section Reliant Code will provide tutorials to cater for all different skill levels. This covers various languages and different systems. Includes material such as easy to follow articles and source code for you to cover.

Setting Up Visual C++ Express 2010MSVC10 Setup

Getting to grips with this powerful tool...

Understanding the powerful Visual Studio Express Development platform, which will allow you to code software. In this tutorial, we will show how to begin a new C program with VC++. Going through the basics for the beginner to learn and pick-up quickly.

Welcome to Reliant Code. This is the site, which provides learning resource for software development. From graphics programming to application development this site will start as a basis of learning for the beginner and to recap for the more experienced coder.

Throughout this site, the levels of tutorials will be for the ultimate beginner to the most advanced. Varying technologies will be covered from programming in C/C++ to Javascript and Actionscript. The main emphasis of this site is that Reliant Code will provide a one stop shop for development enthusiasts wherever possible. Coding programs is fun, and hopefully these tutorials will show that.

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