About Reliant Code

What you want to know about Reliant Code.info

Reliant Code is the website maintained and developed me, Kit Wilson. This is a site I work on during my spare time; delivering new articles and code which will hopefully help new programmers and be useful as a reference for more seasoned programmers. I have been programming mostly since the mid 80's as a child on my old Commodore 64, and my other Commodore computers which I owned a few (I know I would have been a CBM fan boy in those days). Started with Commodore BASIC, which was as slow as molasses, but it was a good starting point (Even though you could only use 38k out of the 64k). Those days I was more keen on programming; rather than playing the old games (Last Ninja anyone?), I moved into Assembly Machine language by the end of the eighties. With this language, you learn how to take the 8-bit machine to its maximum capabilities, and it was a blast (Light years faster in performance than BASIC!). Monitor mode to code wasn't the prettiest to look at, but hey it was a beast and more power than you could have handled (full 64k memory, hey it was the Eighties).

Into the early to mid nineties, I got myself developing in C and early Visual Basic. It was fun times, as learning new technologies and languages (Java, Perl, PHP, Python, OpenGL, etc) during that decade was exciting as it kept my enthusiasm and desire to improve my coding and overall knowledge. In the late 90's I settled with C++, and it has been my primary language ever since.

The main purpose of Reliant Code was and still is to contribute my time and experience in giving as much of my knowledge and expertise that I can. On top of that I want to help all types of programmers to use this site to help them in any way. This site will diversify into many genres and development platforms. From Linux based Distros to Windows and Mac OS; then from C++ to Javascript, there will be nearly as much items covered as possible. Accompanying with the articles, will be downloadable source code, demos, and printable PDF's. Pages will be launched on a regular basis, so if you want to keep in-touch with the latest updates, you can either follow the RSS feed, or the latest Tweets.