Long Overdue

Been away, But back for more

November 21, 2011

After been away for the last several months on many professional projects, which didn't leave me with any time to get anything done on this site. No added articles, blogs or content over the last several months, but now I have more time to do so. With the diversity of technologies and platforms, I now have the scope to indulge into other avenues and technologies which have been restricted by the business landscape I have been occupied with in the last several months. With Reliant Code I have had to do a total code rewrite on the site, which will enable it to be more user friendly; and for me easier to maintain.

Anyway, after the great year in technology we have all just witnessed, I am totally optimistic about what is in store in the future in general. The web is now becoming the total platform for all devices, Open Source/Standards are becoming more excepted in business and in general day-to-day use, new gadgets are offering us the array of choices never seen before at prices that are brilliant to the consumer.

So excited with all there is going on right now; but while I am glad, it is time to get ready for the next direction of this site. I have written several tutorials on paper; and when I get the time, I will type them up and publish it as soon as possible. I have the initial tutorials to get out of the way, then I have some exciting projects to get started which will be part of this site. The thing I am looking forward to is that I can write in my Tweets, and do something on with site to accompany it.

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