C Programming

C Programming Language

One of the world's most popular programming language over the last couple of decades has been C. It has many useful features, which are still important today. C was originally developed by Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson in 1972, whilst at AT&T Bell Labs. As a language, it has been superseded and has inspired other and more modern languages; C is still a very important language as most Operating System kernels are still primarily written in C, as it is powerful, which allows high performance. This is because, it is a low level language, which is a nearer abstraction layer to hardware, which is processor and system independent code, unlike lower languages like Machine code (lowest level to hardware) and Assembly (next lowest), which only deals with processor specific programming instructions (For example Intel and AMD processors have different architecture, therefore Assembly and Machine code will be different on individual systems). Even though Machine and Assembly code is generally quicker than C, it is not that much quicker on modern day P.C.'s., but a lot quicker on embedded systems and old systems. With this C is portable, and a flexible language for porting, and with a large range of libraries and code bases written in C, it has many usages.

We will go into the basics of C and how you can use the language for your own ambitious projects.

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This tutorial begins with basic C tutorials to get you started. Articles in details with Source Code for Windows available to download
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