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With a modern day computer, the potential to be creative is vast; and learning to program is the best way to utilise the power of your P.C. With these tutorials, we will go through how to gain knowledge and experience in writing your own programs. The programming languages we cover in these tutorials varies, which means will we go through various platforms and languages. Whether it is writing a calculator or a game, which comprises of sophisticated graphics, you have to start somewhere. Hopefully from here we can not only cover how to get it done, we will also make sure we understand the pitfalls that can arise when working within this environment.

From low-level programming languages like Assembly, C, and C++, to more higher level Languages like ActionScript, Python, and Java; these languages have different syntax and paradigms, but when you gain more exposure you will see that these languages have the same logic in how they work. They are in many ways similar in the way they are structured some are Object-orientated, some are Procedural. By going through the tutorials, we will go through the basics and more advanced, and then we can see the similarities these languages share. You will also get to grips with the different ways to program and the different programming structures like Object-orientated and Procedural paradigms in due course.

Below we have the sections for each language. There are tutorials and example code included inside. There are also printable copies of the tutorials (in .pdf files).

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C Programming
C Programming Language
The main C Programming Tutorial section. Has many category in regards to C Programming, from beginner level to more advanced.
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C++ Programming
Getting to grips with the C++ Language

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