C++ Programming

Getting to grips with the C++ Language

C++ is a popular programming language which was originally built on top of the C Programming Language. Originally developed by Bjarne Stroustrup as a more Object Orientated Programming (OOP) Language, which derived from C. Originally called C with Classes when it was first developed in 1979, C++ has evolved from simple enhancements of C to becoming a programming language powerhouse in it's own right. It is an intermediate level language as it has the paradigms of both high and low level programming styles; it is used for many powerful applications and tools like video games, audio/visual applications, Office Suites and all types of software that you see across all platforms. This programming language has made such an impact, it has influenced many languages since like Java, C# and D; which are all OOP languages.

As you can use C within a C++ program, most of the times you are not utilising the efficiency and flexibility of this Object Orientated language as in these tutorials you will learn the major library tools which comes with C++, which is the Standard Template Library (STL) and other OOP techniques. We will go through Classes, and understand the what their roles are in OOP programming, and what different types of paradigms you can use with this ultra-powerful language. As I would always explain to anyone who is new and wants to proceed with these tutorials; make sure that you have the basic grasps of C, as the main concepts of those languages are necessary to proceed to these more advanced tutorials.

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