List of C Keywords

Important list of Keywords used in C

    In C, it is important to know what the keywords are; as they are identifiers that are specifically reserved for use within C. These keywords in the code have special meaning to the compiler, so it is permitted to use these words for any self-defined identifier variable or function names.

    These are the ANSI C89 and ISO C90 Standard Keywords, which are the main standard which C has followed since 1990. They are also available for use with C++.

    C Keywords
    • auto
    • break
    • case
    • char
    • const
    • continue
    • default
    • do
    • double
    • else
    • enum
    • extern
    • float
    • for
    • goto
    • if
    • int
    • long
    • register
    • return
    • short
    • signed
    • sizeof
    • static
    • struct
    • switch
    • typedef
    • union
    • unsigned
    • void
    • volatile
    • while
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