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February 22, 2011

After Embracing Twitter, I thought another thing I can concentrate on is more instant interaction for all users. I looked at and was impressed by Disqus, which makes commenting so easy for all. This enables easy integration of a commenting board to this site, very easy with near to no coding. Best thing is Disqus enables users to add their comment by logging in with their usual log ins such as Facebook, Twitter and a number of different log in Id's. Commenting contributions from the overall community of users, whether it is constructive criticism, error reporting (Hopefully this shouldn't be the case ;D ), or in any way you feel to put your point.

I feel Disqus is good for the user, as it is secure (no new Id's needed, proven platform), easy to keep track for both Reliant Code and for the users that post their comment. This will be beneficial to those who want to learn coding.

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